Habitats & Rewilding


Rewilding is a nature-led ecosystem recovery tool that requires visioning, planning and ambition. We work with rewilding experts from both Ireland and the UK. Our ecologists have first-hand experience with Irelands current and upcoming rewilding schemes. We are continually learning and refining our understanding of the processes and interactions that make rewilding projects work and fail.

ID Environmental Consultants can help conceptualise and frame your rewilding vision, based on the physical constraints and the resources available to your project. We can help assess carrying capacity for animals and identify missing links in your ecosystem. We use both traditional ecological techniques and remote sensing technology to understand the current ecological status of your site. More importantly we identify the key drivers or inhibitors of ecosystem restoration to facilitate interactions and synergies between plants and animals, the soil biosphere and the landscape. We can also design and create amenities like campsites sites, hides and walking trails that will help you generate sustained income from your rewilding scheme.

Wild Rivers

We provide a range of nature-based solutions to address the challenges our rivers face through impacts from agriculture, pollution, and eutrophication. We firstly assess the baseline condition by monitoring biological and chemical indicators of river health and water quality. We then provide guidance of options of water quality improvements along with on-site project implementations. For river projects we partner with RIVUS, the national leaders of ecological engineering and aquatic habitats management solutions.

Ponds and Wetlands

Creating and restoring ponds wetlands can provide the quickest and simplest means of enhancing biodiversity on your property, farm or project. We can help design and implement the construction or restoration of wetland ecosystems and ponds. We start with detailed surveys of soil, topography and water sources. We design ponds with variable shapes, depths and planting regimes to create the greatest habitat and species diversity. Ponds and wetlands can be further enhanced by adding artificial nests for birds like kingfishers and ducks.

Urban and Community

We provide consultation with community groups, tidy towns groups and social organisations working to improve their local environmental and increase engagement with nature. Biodiversity action plans help groups target the most ecologically advantageous schemes and projects for their area and resources. These can range from short-term garden or green improvements to long-term landscape scale habitat connectivity and species specific conservation plans. We aim to create plans that empower individuals and groups to make positive contributions for the benefit for wildlife, people, communities and the local economy.

We also provide:

  • Training and nature works
  • Talks on biodiversity and nature walks
  • Advice on projects requiring planning permission
  • Guidance on the all-Ireland pollinator plan and the neighbourwood scheme and;
  • Consultation of meadow establishment, woodland establishment and wetland creation.

Natural Trail Designs

ID Environmental Consultants are highly experienced in surveying, designing and the construction of nature trails. We have created trails and walkways from short urban walkways to large green infrastructure projects including Greenways, Blueways and Cycleways.

We provide insight to the ecological, physical and planning constraints to trail design and construction. We can offer landscape architectural designs and detailed technical drawings. Our design process is always considerate of the end uses, the environment and local stakeholders.

Ecological Consultancy Services

ID Environmental Consultants is a group of ecologists, farmers and agricultural consultants who take a multidisciplinary approach to tackling ecological and agricultural problems.

Learn more about our ecological consultancy services.