ID Environmental Consultants is a multi-disciplinary consultancy specialising in Ecological Assessment, Regenerative Agriculture, Habitat Creation and Rewilding.


Habitats and Rewilding
  • Rewilding
  • Wild Rivers Assessments
  • Pond and Wetland Design
  • Urban and Community Consultations
  • Natural Trail Design Planning
Ecological Consultancy
  • Screening for Appropriate Assessments and Natura Impact Statements
  • Ecological Impact Assessment
  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
  • Habitat & Flora Surveys
  • Bat Surveys
  • Mammal Surveys
  • Freshwater Ecology
  • Bird Surveys
  • Invasive Species Surveys and Management Planning
  • Audio Mapping and Soundscaping
  • Mapping and Remote Sensing
Regenerative Agriculture
  • Agroforestry Design
  • Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Soil Health Assessments
  • Diverse Grasslands Assessment
  • Planned and Adaptive Grazing

Do you need an Appropriate Assessment Screening Report?

If a council deems your project to be a potential risk to a European designated area, screening for an appropriate assessment is required.

If you have any enquiries and would like to avail of our services, please get in touch via phone, email or fill out our contact form.